Yma O Hyd

September 28, 2009

For the non Welsh speakers that means “we are still here”. Just about.

Been no time to post – but here’s a potted version of the last week. we headed north , dodging odd groups of rioters and picking up a few stray people too – but mostly we saw people getting mobbed by the crowds and going down. a police helicopter came in low and used the hailer to tell us to get off of caerphilly road and make for the A470. H picked up a message on the Focus’ radio that the army had a strongpoint up by the coryton interchange.

dogs were in packs, heading north along the side streets and alley ways.

a couple of times Kar had to drive the focus between us and a mob to back them off -but the shock factor wore off; as we got halfway up manor way, we could see a group of squaddies, retreating up ahead of us – firing into a crowd. this was new to us – we’d heard stuff like this in the distance but to see it in front of us was totally mad. J & Stan nodded to each other and i thought “new rules”.

we barely made it in though – a mob came tearing at us from the road out of rhiwbina and while we jogged along, kar rammed the focus right at them, J and Stan used their pistols but only slowed them down. we hoofed on but i could see the nutters hammering at the windows of the car. H wound his window down an inch or two and blasted the cars fireextinguisher at them. that got some space and kar floored it.

so, we got out.

we’re now in caerphilly castle, more or less dug in and keeping our heads firmly down.


out of the city centre

September 18, 2009

No chance to blog yesterday; we have got out of the Bay and are now moving up North Road. There are people moving along the side roads but there are sounds of fights, screams every so often and then it goes silent. In the distance we can hear the twack of rotors and a sound of paper being torn – J says it’s a minigun firing from a helicopter. We don’t know where its firing but it’s certainly putting out fire somewhere….

Stan spots a crowd gathering in a street  our right and we pick up the pace; they  try to keep up with us but we outpace them…….another mob appears ahead of us coming in from the estate in mynachdy.  J waves us off to the right and we dash up a side street out into whitchurch road. We head left towards the flyover where we should find the Warriors. The place is deserted – there’s a warrior parked up on the road with the hatches open; no troops. J checks inside, no bodies, but there are bits of kit – as if someone left in a hurry – and the main gun is jammed.

stan is scouting about a bit further up and finds some spent 9mm shells and a browning but no body. he takes the pistol and re loads the clip from the stash in the ford’s boot….

From here we can see a lot of the city – and it doesn’t look good…..  there’s sounds of rioting in the distance and we can see a pair of helicopters diving in, guns firing over towards the east.  there’s some kind of murmuring noise and looking north, there is a whole crowd heading from the philog out onto manor way. its time to move – we have to get past them and go north, fast

Out in the streets

September 16, 2009

PC Andy is probably a goner but we have to get moving – we have his patrol car and J is focused, we get out and make someone pay.

Stan and Tul, the Gurkha load the ford focus patrol car; J reveals that the Land Rover (which WONT damn start) was carrying his platoon’s “spare” ammo stash of 5.56 and 9mm rounds. So if we get any hardware we are well sorted. That’s in the boot, along with a few bottles of water and some laptop batteries. Kar has photoshopped me onto Ryman’s ID card so that should help with the authorities. The guys from Naz have produced a load of fresh naans, each of us has a bottle of water and a naan or two in a shopping bag and we all have either a golf club –or a similar weapon. Kar has chosen a fireaxe from the office.

H tells Jonesy that his mob are pulling out for Brecon, they  lost a platoon in Splott (which is to our East!) and were only a training cadre anyway – their 3 Warriors are on Whitchurch flyover – which is where we should head.

We set out – Kar and H in the patrol car, with me J and stan out in front; the Naz crew and Tul along the flanks. H is in the rear passenger seat watching the back – Stan has christened him the “trunk monkey”; we found a few short wave radios in the rover, so we have some comms.

OK. We are off and heading into Central. Well, I have an arc to watch so that’s blogging done for the day………

Last of the Mohicans

September 14, 2009

Wake up feeling grubby – Ryman is looking stern and has a slight bulge on his hip – he keeps calling Andy boyo. PC Andy agrees to take Stan over to a nearby café for bacon sarnies. Ryman stares at Jonesy as if he is a threat – J just dozes in his chair. Kar is staring at a map on the wall. Stuff it – I just say I’m going to shower, grab some fresh socks and a bar of soap from my gym bag and head off. I return feeling much better and happier with things – and the lads are back with some sarnies, plus some news…….something has really gone down in Penarth – PC Andy’s radio is squawking like mad with callsigns and shouts. Andy looks grim and leaving Ryman staring us down, strolls into H’s office. I can hear H saying “well, yes, I see” and they both stand in the office door. H says “I don’t know whats going on, but from what Andy says, it’s time we got out of the Bay”.

Ryman draws a pistol, fast and levels it at H, then Jonesy. “Non One Leaves; there’s a contingency for this – we’ll helicopter you to hospital”

PC Andy is whistling quietly, I know the song……”Roulette” and the words go ”they say they want to help but I think they got other plans…”. Shit.

Jonesy stands up slowly and Ryman keeps him covered. I amble up and smile at Ryman who stares at me – “he’s a meathead, he’s a being a prat” I say nodding my head at J; Ryman looks back to J. I whip my hand out of my pocket and crack his wrist with a bar of soap in my old sock. He drops the pistol and I back hand him in the face with the prison weapon. Jonesy steps over and punches him into next week. PC Andy produces some flexi cuffs and puts them on Ryman – stands and says , “you’re on your own, boyo”.

Andy frisks Ryman and finds 3 magazines for the pistol (9mm glock apparently), a cool mobile phone and a Home Office photo ID which looks like an “access all areas” job.

We have quick council of war – the plan is that Jonesy, Andy and me will scout about on foot while Stan and the guys from Naz inventorise what we have; Kar takes Rymans pass and my season railcard and mutters “photoshop”. H says he’ll try to get hold of J’s CO and monitor the news on the net.

So, J has the glock, Andy his baton and riot helmet and i’ve this golf club and we very carefully walk up to Lower Bute St and on into Butetown. Its really quiet, some doors are wide open, other houses look barricaded but as we move west, more and wide open. we hear a radio and move towards it – a car shunted onto the pavement, doors hanging open. Its a BBC announcer “supply of water and tinned food. A shelter in a secure place, such as under the stairs…” J turns it off – “that is right out of Protect And Survive – 8O’s nuclear stuff” he says -” it means that they are playing what they have – no one really knows jack!”

Andy gets a squawk on his radio – he looks at us and fishes a set of keys out of his pocket. he gives them to J – “take the patrol car and get out of town” he says  –  they are calling in the last coppers they have to block off some streets in Grangetown to get some ambulances and school buses into Central. He buckles up his stab vest and pulls on his riot helmet. J warns him – “you’re gonna get slotted, bail out with us” but Andy shakes his head and walks off towards Grangetown. As he reaches the corner, he hefts his baton, blows his whistle and charges round the corner – J grabs my collar and starts jogging back to the office. we keep going till we reach the Oval Basin but the whistle stopped minutes before.

Sunday in the office

September 13, 2009

So, back to yesterday, almost lunchtime…..

There’ was a  loud smash as the front door caved in a bit and the lock sprungs. Here we go! Mayhem at the front desk, drunks are walking right into the office and barging into stuff and go to grab us…… J shouts “GO GO GO!“and took one out at the knees. The guy fell but grabbed  J’s leg. I smashed his arm with my golf club. Another grabbed my foot. Not good. I crack ed him with the club but he shrugged it off. There was a thud and Kar puts her No9 iron into his head. He was out. J kicked his man in the head and he was out too “fight dirty” yelled  J and we got stuck in – but a golf club to the groin didnt these guys. So we switched to bashing them in the head. . we were  back to back, all three of us when – ACE! – we’d dropped them all! Us about 6, them, Nil. Result.

Jonesy’s mobile rang – Stan was in Naz with the staff and a kukri wielding ex gurkha chef – he was coming over in five, then he said he could see a “black SUV, three or four up, mobile, heading for the main road”. We looked out of the door, and there it was – tearing up the Oval Basin and off towards Grangetown. We went back in and stared at the bodies. There was a crunch of brakes, a door slammed and in walked a PC – “’’Ello, ‘ello, ‘ello” he said, “what’s occurrin’ here then?”.

Later – some ambulances took  away the bodies. H  turned up and worked the phone with London like a maniac; J, Stan, me and Kar sat in the office being smiled at by the PC, Andy. He politely piled our weapons on the far side of the lobby after tagging them all – he tried to get statements from us but I  told him to “watch the CCTV”. He just smiled back and scrounged a cuppa. H got into a shouting match with the MoD over J &S who then got  a text from another NCO that a bunch of MPs were coming for them. They never showed and Jonesy got a call from his RSM to the effect that he was on detached duty to the Civil Power.  PC Andy has been getting messages on his radio about some disturbance in Penarth but details are vague. Nothing on local radio though apart from traffic jams and cancelled trains. No one moving around much outside.

PC Andy whistled “Born To Run” for half hour straight; I’m a Bruce fan I told  him but there’s a limit. 

We’ve been told by H that we are to stay in the office.  A bloke in a suit arrives and walks straight past PC Andy and into H’s office. H comes out and grimly told us that R and JG were amongst the bodies of the guys who had chased Stan, and that Mr Ryman from the Acton Office had an announcement :

“By powers granted to me under Emergency Orders In Council, you are all to remain onsite until further notice. If anyone attempts to leave, you will be detained.”

That covers most of today as well. two days in the office – with this Ryman guy eyeballing us. J really has issues with him – asking if he’s looking for WMD’s. PC Andy drives off but reaaperas with pizzas – so the town hasnt gone totally mad. I reckon that the guys are going to want get out monday. ryman thinks i’m moving data about, not blogging. sucker.  


Saturday Part Deux

September 12, 2009

Later. Showered in the gym. feel better – everyone else wake. R rang, he was coming in for some files but the tunnels were blocked again, if we stick around he’ll buy us a drink. Misty out on the barrage. Stan out getting coffees  as him and Jonesy too hungover to drive to Maindy.  Log J onto HBs PC to catch his yahoo emails. Stan calls from mobile – on way back – then “soddding hell. Its that wino mate of yours. Get off of me you …..”  then his phone cuts out.

 We troop over to the window and look at the coffee shop –Stan is running up the stairs to Naz, chased by a bunch of drunks.  J rings stan on his mobile but there is a loud hammering  at the front door. I go to answer it but J stops me and tells kar to access the CCTV. Sure enough – a group of drunks is outside our office. There’s tourists, bus drivers and two postmen. The pubs arent even open yet! Kar starts humming the theme from Assault on Precinct 13 . “Very funny” mutters  Jonesy “I think this coud get tasty”  luckily hhas a set of  of golf clubs in his office so we’re going to  get golf club in case  

im typing thid on my laptop but the hammering is geting loudrr s ill be ooging off gor a biut

Saturday. Ouch.

September 12, 2009

Nnnnn. Erk. Slpet in on floor in office. Jonesy is under my desk; opened H’s door – found Stan and  Kar, both out cold. Need paracetemol. Fell over Jonesy’s kit bag. Time to sleep. why am i writing this?