Scrum down

November 30, 2009

Well, it started mad and got worse. We all got to the stop line at Hawthorns, to find a Lynx helo waiting for us – with a compact bloke in dark corduroys and an amy camo parka, I noticed he had jump wings on it and a sand beret tucked away. He greeted J with “Francis! Its been a while. A word?”

They stood off while Kar and I stared his pilot down. All I could hear was “….doing a good job Francis, but armed civvies? Going over my head….” J seemed to growl at him and they muttered at each other a bit. Meanwhile Stan and the Rupert were pacing  out ranges and pointing people into positions. We and the Naz lads set up on the halfway line on the rugby pitch while the Rupert led his lads up onto the hill above the A470. the unarmed teams headed to wards  Pontypridd to watch the roads from Tonteg and Gelliherion. in case.

J and this Col Aiden guy seemd to sort it out because the Col grabbed an M16 from the Lynx and strolled over to us. “OK chaps, my names Aidan, Francis used to work for me and I’m your Forward Observer for the day. My boys in the Lynx will shoot up these zombie types on my call. OK? Now, spread out and lets slot some undead.”

J sautered over to Tul and the Naz lads. Francis eh. Always wondered what the F was for. no wonder he wanted to be called J in school.

And then the Zs arrived from down by Taffs well. We started picking them off and falling back to wards the houses. The squaddies were ripping into them and all was going well – until the stoppages began…J and Aidan kept up a steady line of helpful advice though Aidan got a snarl from Stan when he got a bit over attentive of Kar.

we were doing well until J got a call on his mobile from the RFC blokes – Zs on the Gelliherion road. The Squaddies doubled off to head them off and Aidan called in the Lynx which clattered overhead, brassing away with its pair of gympies. it cought a few Zs but was running low on fuel and headed for the castle…..the zs were getting close and we were were clambering into the gardens now bracing the gats on the walls and fences, blatting away. still the Zs kept coming and were down to a mag or so each when the gang from the RFC came hoofing along with adidas bags full of spares. nice timing.

I was in the back door now, with Kar firing over my head. single shots each time but double taps to the Zs heads. messy. smelly. but we got them. the last a postie, about 5 foot from me.

Behind us firing, solid regular shooting as the squaddies cut up the Zs as they got into the streets behind us. Aidan tore off with his M16 and we followed, reloading as we ran. we caught the Zs in the flank and brassed them hard to the last freak.

lots of ammo used. lots of slotted Zs.

No losses.   No worries.


I wont lie to you

November 19, 2009

Is it me? Or what? Virus? Spread by bites? Stopped by headshots? are we talking zombies?





And here we go again

November 19, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to emerge from behind the sofa…….J and the squaddies have returned from Cardiff, laden with ammo and some more SA80s. the problem was that while rooting about in Maindy they found a whole new mob of freaks who just boiled up from basements; they shot their way out but it seems that suddenly the Cardiff area, which seemed clear is busy again.

It looks as if they are not heading our way but instead for Ponty – which is where, according to the Rupert, a whole load of refugees are gathered.

H has a theory – the freaks have some kind of virus, infected by bite. Also, it is fairly plain that shooting them in the head works best, though Tul has pointed out that a kukri does the job too.

So, their seems to be a plan, that we are going to make for Taffs Well or Treforest and try to stop the freaks getting to Pontypridd. The Rupert isnt keen and is muttering about “Colonel Aidan” and what he’ll say. Seems this Aidan bloke is the Headshed of the Rupert’s unit.

We are loading up however and according to J, are going to create a stop line  – probably at Hawthorns where the rugby pitches and the main road wil give us a good field of fire. Stan grabbed a Barrett rifle at Maindy and seems keen to find some high ground. As Kar pointed out, its the Valleys so he’s spoilt for choice.



….and pass the ammunition

November 16, 2009

Good news, the dogs gave those refugees the OK. Stan is still watching them like a hawk though.

The Rupert got a radio call from his CO – there is a good stock of ammo and guns, in a locked bunker in Maindy. We are the nearest “unit” in any shape to it. J has agreed that we will move in with the Rupert’s guys and lift it, then secure it here until the army proper turns up and asks for it. nicely of course.

This will be useful as Tul says that the Naz lads are pretty good at weapons drill and could use some guns….

J and the guys have just headed out. I’m on stag in 5.  just so you know we now are:

J, Stan, Kar, H, Me – all armed

the Naz lads, led by Tul, armed, if the kit arrives

Caerphilly RFC – a bunch of lads with assorted bats, clubs and even a chainsaw…

some people from Taffs Well who arrived this morning

Stone and his dogs

The Rupert and his blokes….

Well, i’m on stag. ta ra.





November 16, 2009

So, it was quiet for a few days, we put out a few patrols on bikes but nothing was stirring. we broke into the Surplus store up the road and took the 24 hour ration packs plus some fleeces and combats, the guys from Naz are all in Belgian Para cammies with big survival knives.

J took the Pinzgauer and a couple of squaddies down towards Cardiff and along the M4; he reappeared with a small van and a guy called Stone – an Airport Policeman from CWA, armed and with two beagles (Charlie & Faulkner) – bomb dogs apparently. seems Stone was able to keep clear of the freaks because the dogs SMELT them.  There’s a gang of refugees on the mountain we think, so we can try the dogs on them…….

And meanwhile H is surfing the web, trying to piece together what has happened.




November 3, 2009

Honestly didn’t think we’d pull it off today. Just as we had the call from the RFC they were coming in, one of the squadies on the gatehouse spotted a whole load of freaks, from the Piccadilly all the way up into town. He raised the alarm with single shot and we ran like maniacs. Stan led the guys from the Bay and Naz over to the S bastion while J and I legged it over to the gate and the army squad –  the gate was closed but whose orders were they taking? J and the Rupert hammered it out – they’d stick around and follow J’s advice. I don’t think their corporal was going to let the Rupert stuff up anyway. We got back to ourguys just as the freaks got to the moat. J and Stan started picking a few off but me Kar and the rest held back as we weren’t that accurate. And it took a few hits to stop them….the unarmed guys kept  down and got the rocks ready……

The Rugby boys and their families came sprinting in ahead of the freaks – the army had opened the gate a crack and slammed it shut after them. There was dense mob over the bridge of the moat and the Rupert got on his radio and called in some mortars. He stuffed it up and it fell short – mainly in the moat but it took a few freaks.

Anyone with a gun was banging away now and a few of us were getting stuck fiddling with reloading. The freaks  got under the walls and got rocks dropped on their heads; Tul cut the rope and CRUNCH down went the leaning tower – that took a few. We leaned over walls and fired right at them – that stopped some more but we could hear shouts over on the gate…..leaving the guys to keep dropping the rocks, we ran over. Freaks had got over the walls and got fighting with the people from N Cardiff – they’d bashed the freaks but had been bitten or killed by the freaks too. The army guys had recoiled because minutes later  they HAD TURNED INTO FREAKS! We just pumped rounds into them, as did the squaddies. We noticed that it helped if you got them in the head. Sadly our accuracy wasn’t always that good. Still we got them all. Then most of us threw up.

J got a call on his mobile, Tul was saying that some freaks had got in on the S and chopped some refugees who had crept in  – he and his Naz lads were falling back to the keep. We ran over to the castle yard and the freaks saw us –and came running at us. The squaddies were on our left and we were  in a thinnish line.

J shouted “aim for the heads, FIRE!” and we fired, “FIRE” and still they came at us. J ran down the line touching alternate people “if I touched you, step back 4 paces …the rest FIRE” .  Kar shouted “HEADS HEADS HEADS”.

Then we fell back and the other guys fired. The freaks moved slow and we had a big yard to play with. Then J shouted “ARMY – 5 rounds RAPID! The rest JUST SHOOT!”

We emptied the magazines and that was it. No more freaks.

We burnt the bodies.

Threw up again.