….and pass the ammunition

November 16, 2009

Good news, the dogs gave those refugees the OK. Stan is still watching them like a hawk though.

The Rupert got a radio call from his CO – there is a good stock of ammo and guns, in a locked bunker in Maindy. We are the nearest “unit” in any shape to it. J has agreed that we will move in with the Rupert’s guys and lift it, then secure it here until the army proper turns up and asks for it. nicely of course.

This will be useful as Tul says that the Naz lads are pretty good at weapons drill and could use some guns….

J and the guys have just headed out. I’m on stag in 5.  just so you know we now are:

J, Stan, Kar, H, Me – all armed

the Naz lads, led by Tul, armed, if the kit arrives

Caerphilly RFC – a bunch of lads with assorted bats, clubs and even a chainsaw…

some people from Taffs Well who arrived this morning

Stone and his dogs

The Rupert and his blokes….

Well, i’m on stag. ta ra.





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