And here we go again

November 19, 2009

Just when you thought it was safe to emerge from behind the sofa…….J and the squaddies have returned from Cardiff, laden with ammo and some more SA80s. the problem was that while rooting about in Maindy they found a whole new mob of freaks who just boiled up from basements; they shot their way out but it seems that suddenly the Cardiff area, which seemed clear is busy again.

It looks as if they are not heading our way but instead for Ponty – which is where, according to the Rupert, a whole load of refugees are gathered.

H has a theory – the freaks have some kind of virus, infected by bite. Also, it is fairly plain that shooting them in the head works best, though Tul has pointed out that a kukri does the job too.

So, their seems to be a plan, that we are going to make for Taffs Well or Treforest and try to stop the freaks getting to Pontypridd. The Rupert isnt keen and is muttering about “Colonel Aidan” and what he’ll say. Seems this Aidan bloke is the Headshed of the Rupert’s unit.

We are loading up however and according to J, are going to create a stop line  – probably at Hawthorns where the rugby pitches and the main road wil give us a good field of fire. Stan grabbed a Barrett rifle at Maindy and seems keen to find some high ground. As Kar pointed out, its the Valleys so he’s spoilt for choice.




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