Scrum down

November 30, 2009

Well, it started mad and got worse. We all got to the stop line at Hawthorns, to find a Lynx helo waiting for us – with a compact bloke in dark corduroys and an amy camo parka, I noticed he had jump wings on it and a sand beret tucked away. He greeted J with “Francis! Its been a while. A word?”

They stood off while Kar and I stared his pilot down. All I could hear was “….doing a good job Francis, but armed civvies? Going over my head….” J seemed to growl at him and they muttered at each other a bit. Meanwhile Stan and the Rupert were pacing  out ranges and pointing people into positions. We and the Naz lads set up on the halfway line on the rugby pitch while the Rupert led his lads up onto the hill above the A470. the unarmed teams headed to wards  Pontypridd to watch the roads from Tonteg and Gelliherion. in case.

J and this Col Aiden guy seemd to sort it out because the Col grabbed an M16 from the Lynx and strolled over to us. “OK chaps, my names Aidan, Francis used to work for me and I’m your Forward Observer for the day. My boys in the Lynx will shoot up these zombie types on my call. OK? Now, spread out and lets slot some undead.”

J sautered over to Tul and the Naz lads. Francis eh. Always wondered what the F was for. no wonder he wanted to be called J in school.

And then the Zs arrived from down by Taffs well. We started picking them off and falling back to wards the houses. The squaddies were ripping into them and all was going well – until the stoppages began…J and Aidan kept up a steady line of helpful advice though Aidan got a snarl from Stan when he got a bit over attentive of Kar.

we were doing well until J got a call on his mobile from the RFC blokes – Zs on the Gelliherion road. The Squaddies doubled off to head them off and Aidan called in the Lynx which clattered overhead, brassing away with its pair of gympies. it cought a few Zs but was running low on fuel and headed for the castle…..the zs were getting close and we were were clambering into the gardens now bracing the gats on the walls and fences, blatting away. still the Zs kept coming and were down to a mag or so each when the gang from the RFC came hoofing along with adidas bags full of spares. nice timing.

I was in the back door now, with Kar firing over my head. single shots each time but double taps to the Zs heads. messy. smelly. but we got them. the last a postie, about 5 foot from me.

Behind us firing, solid regular shooting as the squaddies cut up the Zs as they got into the streets behind us. Aidan tore off with his M16 and we followed, reloading as we ran. we caught the Zs in the flank and brassed them hard to the last freak.

lots of ammo used. lots of slotted Zs.

No losses.   No worries.


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