Command uses for a bottle of whisky

December 17, 2009

It got a bit hairy between J and Col Aidan; he used to be J’s CO – he might still be, we arent sure on that but Col A has been taking charge of things. All of us civilians have always been led by J but the Squaddies defer to him.

A few days ago though, it got sorted out. Col A got talking to the guys from the RFC and a bottle of whisky was found; a lot of rugby talk followed and another bottle appeared. Aidan can drink but at some stage lurched into the night for a leak. There was a bit of a struggle but he got floored and a tin bucket put on his head . This was then hit with a stick in time to repeated chants of “Whose in charge?” “J!” 

It didnt take long.

Since then normal service has been resumed.

There is talk of a raid down on the Coryton ASDA for winter supplies.


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