November 3, 2009

Honestly didn’t think we’d pull it off today. Just as we had the call from the RFC they were coming in, one of the squadies on the gatehouse spotted a whole load of freaks, from the Piccadilly all the way up into town. He raised the alarm with single shot and we ran like maniacs. Stan led the guys from the Bay and Naz over to the S bastion while J and I legged it over to the gate and the army squad –  the gate was closed but whose orders were they taking? J and the Rupert hammered it out – they’d stick around and follow J’s advice. I don’t think their corporal was going to let the Rupert stuff up anyway. We got back to ourguys just as the freaks got to the moat. J and Stan started picking a few off but me Kar and the rest held back as we weren’t that accurate. And it took a few hits to stop them….the unarmed guys kept  down and got the rocks ready……

The Rugby boys and their families came sprinting in ahead of the freaks – the army had opened the gate a crack and slammed it shut after them. There was dense mob over the bridge of the moat and the Rupert got on his radio and called in some mortars. He stuffed it up and it fell short – mainly in the moat but it took a few freaks.

Anyone with a gun was banging away now and a few of us were getting stuck fiddling with reloading. The freaks  got under the walls and got rocks dropped on their heads; Tul cut the rope and CRUNCH down went the leaning tower – that took a few. We leaned over walls and fired right at them – that stopped some more but we could hear shouts over on the gate…..leaving the guys to keep dropping the rocks, we ran over. Freaks had got over the walls and got fighting with the people from N Cardiff – they’d bashed the freaks but had been bitten or killed by the freaks too. The army guys had recoiled because minutes later  they HAD TURNED INTO FREAKS! We just pumped rounds into them, as did the squaddies. We noticed that it helped if you got them in the head. Sadly our accuracy wasn’t always that good. Still we got them all. Then most of us threw up.

J got a call on his mobile, Tul was saying that some freaks had got in on the S and chopped some refugees who had crept in  – he and his Naz lads were falling back to the keep. We ran over to the castle yard and the freaks saw us –and came running at us. The squaddies were on our left and we were  in a thinnish line.

J shouted “aim for the heads, FIRE!” and we fired, “FIRE” and still they came at us. J ran down the line touching alternate people “if I touched you, step back 4 paces …the rest FIRE” .  Kar shouted “HEADS HEADS HEADS”.

Then we fell back and the other guys fired. The freaks moved slow and we had a big yard to play with. Then J shouted “ARMY – 5 rounds RAPID! The rest JUST SHOOT!”

We emptied the magazines and that was it. No more freaks.

We burnt the bodies.

Threw up again.


Pinzgauer at the gates

October 17, 2009

This morning an army pinzgauer parked up outside;  a squad of soldiers got out and milled about. J Stan and Tul strolled out, in uniform with rifles. Seems the squaddies have been told to secure the area; the lieutenant with them tried to order J about but it didnt quite work. J has let them bunk behind the gatehouse. Seems that Cardiff is overrun by freaks and the army think they are heading north.

The team from the office, Tul and a couple of the cardif refugees had what J called a “Chinese parliament”. We are going to dig in and prepare for a siege. I suggested as a joke that we rig the leaning tower as a boobly trap. J nodded – “good idea – Stan, look into it eh?

At sunset a guy came up to the gate on a mountain bike; the Lieutenant – or rupert as Stan called him tried to turn him back but the guys from Naz were having a coffee on the battlement and called Tul over. The guy is from Caerphilly RFC – the team and their families are hold up in the clubhouse; they have spotted a bunch of freaks moving around over towards the warren. they’d like to join us – the guy (the scrum half as you asked) says that they are all kitted with baseball or cricket bats – one guy even has a shotgun. so they are quite welcome says J – and are coming in tomorrow

Big Boys Toys

October 13, 2009

The town seemed a bit quieter today so J, Tul and me got in the focus and went for a spin / recce / scrounge. The houses were pretty much shut up but we pushed on as far as the Watford hill and found the petrol station deserted – as was the housing estate by it. The pumps hadnt run dry so we filled up the car and some petrol cans in case. This stuff wont  be around  for long if this carries on.

Tul thought he could hear a vehicle, so we trooped out to look – an army landrover chugged into the forecourt – one guy in it. He got out and looked over to us – J is still in uniform, while Tul and I are in a mix of suit, cargoes, light fleece and woolly hats. The guy looked rough, sweating, coughing and kept walking towards us holding an SA80 in his hands. J told him to stay where he was. The bloke just said “sarge…..sarge….” and kept coming. J ordered him to drop the weapon. He didn’t and tried to bring it up but before he could, J shot him. Twice, in the chest. The guy dropped and we walked over. I can t say I was enjoying it. The guy got up, dropped the rifle and lunged at J who stepped back. Tul stepped in and there was a soft but meaty “CHUNK” and then two thuds.

Believe all they tell you about the Gurkha and his kukri.

We looked in the back – there was  a longish bag,  some bergens and bloodstains. None of us fancied the stains. J looted around in the front . we opened the bag and found six more SA80s. with a couple of magazines each. J and Tul took one each and put the rest in the boot. I looked at the guys’s rifle – “do not touch it” said Tul “we’re leaving it all ” J agreed “not even the dinkie” he said. Then he handed his pistol to me “safety is on – this is OFF. Now its back on. Take it off, Point And Squeeze. One shot at a time and only when I or Tul tell you. Got it?”

When the soldier gives a loaded gun to a civilian, well it cant be good, can it?

Its not at all comfortable here; we have some tinned stuff and water but these big stone walls that keep people out also keep the cold firmly in; if we are here in winter its going to be C O L D. We’ve had a few parties out getting firewood just in case and Stan has been trying to see if one of the chimneys has a clear flue .

J has been looking at what we have – a load of 9mm and 5.56 ammo but two pistols and the golf clubs / axes from the office. There’s a bit of local rioting but as yet no one else has had the idea of forting up in the castle. good.

The visitor centre had a wireless connection and as the electric grid is still running we are using it as much as possible. Also whatever batteries we can charge for mobiles etc – we are charging them  daily.

H and Kar have been googling like mad and have come up with a few things – this is worldwide, there has been serious action down in London and the US seems to have had real problems . no real clue as to what has started some kind of urge to run amok, attack and kill. Stan has taken to calling them  “the freaks” and the name has stuck. J seems to be taking it in his stride and is very focused – the rest of us are doing more or less as he says. Tul has his mates from Naz well organised. the folks who came with us from cardiff are getting calls on their mobiles from neighbours. sound like the old town has gone utterly mental. the BBC are still broadcasting on the radio but TV is pretty much off. the radio is mainly public service, emergency warnings etc. apparently the situation is under control……

The Big Cheese

October 8, 2009

Things are a bit medeival right now.

we are settling into caerphilly castle as a refuge/hq or as J calls it a “FOB”. he seems to seeing this as a war. he may be right.

we bailed out of north cardiff in a hurry and using my “ryman” pass and J’s military backround, got through an army checkpoint at coryton. we headed off over caerphilly mountain looking for somewhere to stop and get ourselves together. we were polishing off the last of the naans from naz, when Tul asked where we were going now? everyone looke at J, except kar who looked at her map. J said caerphilly castle and we all laughed.  seems he was serious.

en route we found caerpilly town in a bit of a stew; order had pretty much gone with the supermarkets getting worked over.  as an organised group we were able to stock up some basic stuff but nothing cordon bleu…..

and then we rolled into the castle. the gates were open and stan drove the police ford right in with us trooping alongside. the staff were long gone. J looked around and kicked the main gates – and looked up at the portcullis. “this’ll do” he muttered.

Yma O Hyd

September 28, 2009

For the non Welsh speakers that means “we are still here”. Just about.

Been no time to post – but here’s a potted version of the last week. we headed north , dodging odd groups of rioters and picking up a few stray people too – but mostly we saw people getting mobbed by the crowds and going down. a police helicopter came in low and used the hailer to tell us to get off of caerphilly road and make for the A470. H picked up a message on the Focus’ radio that the army had a strongpoint up by the coryton interchange.

dogs were in packs, heading north along the side streets and alley ways.

a couple of times Kar had to drive the focus between us and a mob to back them off -but the shock factor wore off; as we got halfway up manor way, we could see a group of squaddies, retreating up ahead of us – firing into a crowd. this was new to us – we’d heard stuff like this in the distance but to see it in front of us was totally mad. J & Stan nodded to each other and i thought “new rules”.

we barely made it in though – a mob came tearing at us from the road out of rhiwbina and while we jogged along, kar rammed the focus right at them, J and Stan used their pistols but only slowed them down. we hoofed on but i could see the nutters hammering at the windows of the car. H wound his window down an inch or two and blasted the cars fireextinguisher at them. that got some space and kar floored it.

so, we got out.

we’re now in caerphilly castle, more or less dug in and keeping our heads firmly down.

out of the city centre

September 18, 2009

No chance to blog yesterday; we have got out of the Bay and are now moving up North Road. There are people moving along the side roads but there are sounds of fights, screams every so often and then it goes silent. In the distance we can hear the twack of rotors and a sound of paper being torn – J says it’s a minigun firing from a helicopter. We don’t know where its firing but it’s certainly putting out fire somewhere….

Stan spots a crowd gathering in a street  our right and we pick up the pace; they  try to keep up with us but we outpace them…….another mob appears ahead of us coming in from the estate in mynachdy.  J waves us off to the right and we dash up a side street out into whitchurch road. We head left towards the flyover where we should find the Warriors. The place is deserted – there’s a warrior parked up on the road with the hatches open; no troops. J checks inside, no bodies, but there are bits of kit – as if someone left in a hurry – and the main gun is jammed.

stan is scouting about a bit further up and finds some spent 9mm shells and a browning but no body. he takes the pistol and re loads the clip from the stash in the ford’s boot….

From here we can see a lot of the city – and it doesn’t look good…..  there’s sounds of rioting in the distance and we can see a pair of helicopters diving in, guns firing over towards the east.  there’s some kind of murmuring noise and looking north, there is a whole crowd heading from the philog out onto manor way. its time to move – we have to get past them and go north, fast